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Commonly Asked Questions

How Do You Adjust an Animal?

Adjusting an animal is much different than adjusting a human due to the  difference in anatomy, thus the reason animals should only be adjusted by certified  animal chiropractors. Using our hands, chiropractors are able to localize joints of decreased mobility and perform precise adjustment to restore normal range of motion. With the restoration of motion, nerves are able to improve communication between brain and body!

How Long Does it Take to Adjust an Animal?

Adjustments take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the client! Some animals are much more relaxed than others and can be adjusted easily, whereas others may take a little more time to get situated. Keep in mind we only ever adjust your animal in their comfort zone, that way they walk away with a great experience.

What Should We Expect After My Animal is Adjusted?

After being adjusted an animal may experience some soreness due to removal of long-time fixations. This soreness should not last very long and within a day or two will dissipate. An adjustment itself should never hurt, though on occasion an animal that is currently experiencing severe pain may note slight discomfort momentarily.

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